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Czech drones for Ukraine

Dalibor Dedek
Dalibor Dědek is a Czech businessman, and the benefactor and co-owner of the Jablotron group of companies. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, he founded the #wemustact initiative and the #giftforputin project


We thank everyone who contributed to the delivery of Czech combat drones for the Ukrainian army. The drones are already prepared for delivery, follow the Twitter account  @GiftPutin

We are no longer collecting money for the Bivoj drone, but you can still donate to the embassy's main fundraising. But if you really want to support drones for Ukraine, take a look at our new campaign, where we are selecting smaller machines for Czech soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front.


For several years now, a group of aviation experts has been working on the development and production of a Czech military drone.

It has a type designation as its name, but they call it Bivoj.

Three basic conditions were set during its design preparation.

1. The machine must be assembled exclusively from components manufactured in the Czech Republic.

2. Its parameters must be comparable to those of competing products.

3. The price must be favourable to future customers.

Currently, the drone is in the testing phase and is seeking military certification so that it can be included in the Czech Army's arsenal.

Thanks to a private donation, several of these machines will be actively assisting in the defence of the Ukrainian Republic in the near future. They will therefore be directly tested in action. Their deployment at the front will also significantly speed up the certification process.

You would probably be interested in these facts:

The drone has a take-off weight of 25 kg, a wingspan of 3.3 metres, can carry 8 kilos of cargo, has a range of 200 kilometres and a maximum flight time of 4 hours.

The machine can primarily acquire the currently required data from a large battlefield to conduct an effective defence against an aggressor.

This Czech drone kit costs 30 million crowns (1.3 million USD), which is the price for the whole set (3 drones + catapult + ground control station).

The drone is produced in an observation version with the option of modification to a combat version.

Shall we buy the Army of the Ukrainian Republic Bivoy and help bring a new Czech product into the world?